Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stories to Tell & Gifts to Share...Mike Frisch

“We cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard!” – Acts 4:20

As the people of God, we have stories to tell about what God has done for us and about the difference that God’s grace has made in our lives. Sometimes we are less aware of these stories until they are coaxed out of us—but they are there, part of whom we are.

That’s not all. Whether we know it or not, we also have stories to tell about what God has done through us—stories about how God has used us to make a difference in the lives of others. Getting to know those stories makes us even more aware of God’s grace.

God has given us so much—and the gifts of God are for sharing.

Mike Frisch has much to share about his involvement with One House at a Time...

Your Stewardship Ministry Team – Reggie Kikta, Joel Lehman, Kyle Olson, Greta Rymal, Denise Alaimo, Jeri Lyn Sump

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