Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Abiding Love Youth Retreat in Colorado

Led by their fearless, gung-ho, hotel-loving-but-nonetheless-roughing-it adult leaders: Callie & Jared Clarkson and Angela Renfro, a gaggle of Senior High youth went on an experience that can only be summed up as extraordinary. As I watched the video that Jared compiled and edited (terrific job, by the way- loved your music selections, J!), I found pangs of longing creeping in- wishing that I had been a part of this amazing experience! I hope that you will take some time to witness their experience.

Instead of the full 17 minute video, it is broken into 5 parts. If you are only able to watch a single segment, then may I act as your video sommelier and suggest that you read the short summaries and select accordingly?

1) Sunday-Monday: Travel, arrival and set-up. Some beautiful scenery shots. Emma A shares her thoughts. (3 min 06 sec)

2) Tuesday: Visit to a B-17 Crash Site Memorial. Kelsey H reflects on the strengthened friendships (3:26)

3) Wednesday: Quest for Emmaline Lake. Josh E reflects on the trip's impact on his faith. Emmaline is found! (3:48)

4) Thursday: Hike to Stormy Peak. My favorite segment. Breathtaking vistas. A serenade to Pastor Lynnae. Insight from Audrey H, Justin J and Sara P. How Great Thou Art, indeed! (3:26)

5) Back to Civilization- Adios. The hike back down the mountain. Cooling one's heels in a mountain stream. Activities at the main camp. Ella V and Sarah C share their reflections on God's impact and influence. (4:16)

What an amazing adventure.

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