Friday, July 2, 2010

Baobab Blast- part 3

Well, the trilogy ends here. If you weren't able to be a part of Baobab Blast, then I hope that you were at least able to live vicariously through the videos! Special thanks to Elizabeth Taylor for taking many of the photos (the ones that turned out really well? those were hers) featured in our videos. A great big pat on the back to Cindy Atwell who organized this year's Baobab Blast. I think she said it best, however, when she told me that all of the volunteers seemed to be in exactly the spot that best suited their talents. She felt so confident in everyone's abilities that she could macro-manage (real word?) rather than micromanage.

Some insight into how well we at Abiding Love run our VBS? My daughter brought along a friend who had already been at one VBS the week before AND was attending another VBS during the daytime the same week as our own Baobab Blast. So- needless to say- she's become something of an expert in these matters! She declared that this was her very favorite- two years in a row!!!

Anyhow- kudos to another fantastic Vacation Bible School! Enjoy the final installment of Baobab Blast 2010!