Monday, June 21, 2010

Baobab Blast! VBS 2010

The Baobab Tree. This massive tree, found primarily in Africa and Madagascar, is an apropos symbol for Vacation Bible School in Abiding Love's 30th year. It is a thick, durable and long-lived tree. It stores life giving water in its trunk to nourish during difficult times. For those who are resourceful, virtually every part of it is useful: its leaves can be eaten or made into soup, its fruit is reputedly richer in vitamin C than oranges, its pulp mixed into porridges, the seeds often utilized as a soup thickener. On occasion, its huge trunk is even hollowed out and utilized for shelter!

Just as this fabled tree is sustains and nourishes, so to do our outreach and education programs. The most popular of which (or at least, so it seems to me) is Vacation Bible School. Come and join us if you will- take a peek at what is happening at "Baobab Blast"

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