Monday, April 19, 2010

Thirty Years of Love

Wow. Thirty Years of Love. A plethora of memories. To borrow from an old bumper sticker- I wasn't born a Charter Member...but I got here as fast as I could. Watching my youngest brother, born in 1981, being baptized in the bowling alley (and hearing the crashing of the pins in the background). Acolyting in the original building. Confirmation classes in the nursery. Being submerged into frigid water in the dunking booth on a cold All Hallow's Eve Carnival as a teenager. Countless youth group activities as a high schooler (and now a sponsor). Playing softball against other churches. Easter egg hunts. Serving as a member of the church council. Warm, lazy summer evenings under the oak trees during Vacation Bible School. My first Communion. My daughter's first Communion. Mentors of my youth becoming good friends in my adulthood. What a wonderful place. Here is a motley collection of felicitations given on Abiding Love's big 3-0 !

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