Monday, August 10, 2009

Do Re Mi- a Bold Step Message

This is a follow-up of the message recently delivered by Kim Thonhoff on August 2nd.
The purpose of this message is to describe the Kairos Bold Step Children, Youth, & Family Ministry Committee. This members of this committee share a similar passion – a deep love for kids of all ages and a belief that the love of Christ can shine through them and touch the lives of many. Through the support of Kairos, we are beginning to make a “Ripple” out of that passion.

Watch this You Tube clip filmed recently. It is an absolutely delightful experiment using the song Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music. This particular clip was filmed in Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium.

So, how does this apply to the Bold Step Children, Youth, & Family Ministry Committee?

It's the ripple effect that occurs. The ripple started with just a song and one happy man and then, a small group and on & on -but those original dancers never left the dance. The invitation was for all and all were changed by the magical notes and spirit of the dance.

This video so accurately describes the purpose and function of our Committee- Our church has all the physical things in place-nice facilities, good programs, dedicated staff, diligent pastors, friendly people, schedules defined with well written newsletters, bulletins, etc., etc. and yet, a complacency still exists. The separate entities function well but not necessarily in relationship to each other

In the video clip, people stop- they look up and smile and the radiance continues until the whole station rocks with enthusiasm! Laughter erupts and those not involved in the scheme are enticed. They begin to merge into the dance. The travelers eventually burst into a joyous and eruptive state. The dance takes on an inviting life of its own. There are no cultural barriers, no age barriers, no status barriers-the homeless, the beggars, the executives, the blue collar workers, young and old - dance as one in a spirit of peace, unity, and sheer heartwarming delight.

When the song ends, the travelers move forward as usual but with a smile, clutching their cameras and clinging to a moment that was heavenly. The station no longer appears gray and it’s bustling with new relationships- conversations, applause, handshakes, new friends, new hopes, and a totally new life.

It’s important to note though, that this miracle happened without any physical changes- The train station was still gray. The trains were still running as scheduled. People still were headed for their usual destinations, but they had a different perspective on life.

It’s time to bring our Spirit back-not with Julie Andrews but with Jesus Christ. You see-Jesus sings the song and is inviting us to dance with Him not in separated entities but in relationship to Him, to each other, to our children, to our youth, to our seniors, but most of all to our FAMILIES. We need to DROP our baggage and move forward out of our comfort zones to hear the beat of His Spirit in our Abiding Love station. It’s time NOW to do more than listen, we need to not only BEGIN the dance but we need to STAY in the dance until we SPREAD His love to everyone. It’s time to make our church THE PLACE where people become part of the FAMILY dancing to the song that Jesus is singing. Not just people individually but entire FAMILIES together being energized by the invitation of the music.

What is our Committee doing? Jesus Christ is the Song. Our committee is the “Do Re Mi!” We are starting at the very beginning-It’s a very good place to start! With research about Family Ministry, we are rehearsing what the new dance could become here at Abiding Love Lutheran Church. We are envisioning Jesus Christ as the Song and our Committee is the beginning of the Ripple. We hope by the end of the song we will be a Congregation that grows with Families integrated into the rhythmic excitement of Christian living. By setting defined goals and definite timelines for their completion, our committee is imagining “Beyond Belief” relational experiences that will keep people coming back to this sanctuary to be part of God’s Family.

Our Kairos Bold Step Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Committee asks for your prayers as we choreograph this new dance that we hope will awaken us from our complacency. We pray that you will allow yourself to become the dancers once the Vision is in place. If we are the “Do Re Mi,” then you and your families must be the middle part- the crescendo, the melody, the harmony, and the motion that is needed in between the beginning and the end of the process to bring our Congregation back to Do… Do- the core, the Spirit and our sustaining LIFE in relationship with Jesus Christ! In a song, that’s the purpose of our committee!

“Do Re Mi!”

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